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How my day in church led to this rant

I was in church earlier today and as the congregation was singing along, I felt the Holy Spirit gently impress in my heart and He whispered, "This is your family."

How strange. It was the third time within the span of a year.

As I dwelt upon what it meant, I wondered if the church was an abusive family.

I now know why people continue staying in abusive families, because they are after all, family.

Consider the time during a certain cell group meeting where we were paired off and tasked to discuss "popular" sins. I felt uneasy even as I discussed how pride might be an issue. Later on, as my cell leader picked a member to share his thoughts, I cringed internally as he confidently declared, "Homosexuality."


So I was a sin.

That was simply terrific.

What took the cake was how every single one of us, including me, sat in polite silence as we listened to him. Then we moved on with the sermon.

We moved on. With nary a word of dissent. (Yes, I am extremely…

Book review: Sexual Authenticity by Melinda Selmys

I've been following Melinda Selmys on her blog for a while now and was very excited to receive 3 of her books I ordered recently.
I started on this one almost immediately.
For those who are unfamiliar with her, she is a blogger who blogs over at Catholic Authenticity, and previously at Sexual Authenticity which is where I started following her writing. I've been wanting to get her books but only got around doing so last month when she tweeted about it and I ordered it from Book Depository.
The book reads like a blog, and it almost seems like the manuscript didn't encounter the eyes of an editor, or if it did, edited the text only very lightly. I loved the irreverent style of writing that allowed me to "hear" her speaking to me almost.
I enjoyed reading the book from the very beginning, especially the chapter titled "Statistics", where she elaborated that scientific studies are inherently skewed and gay activists would use data to support their case as …