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Reflections on a Wesley Hill post

I recently read a blog post by Wesley Hill on the Spiritual Friendship blog titled, "Will I Be Gay in the Resurrection?" and it provides much food for thought.
In that post, Hill reflects on a piece of writing someone did on her disabled son and she commented, 
Arthur’s limited experience, limited above all in ability to process the world external to himself, is a crucial element in who he is, in his real personhood. An ultimate destiny in which he was suddenly ‘perfected’ (whatever that might mean) is inconceivable—for he would no longer be Arthur but some other person. His limited embodied self is what exists, and what will be must be in continuity with that. There will also be discontinuities—the promise of resurrection is the transcendence of our mortal ‘flesh and blood’ state. So there’s hope for transformation of this life’s limitations and vulnerabilities, of someone like Arthur receiving greater gifts while truly remaining himself. Perhaps the transformation to be hop…