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A brief review of 2014

It has been quite a year for anyone who's got an eye on all things LGBT in sunny Singapore. It started at the beginning of the year with the Health Promotion Board's FAQ on sexuality, followed by the wear white movement (to protest against Pink Dot) initiated by a Muslim and supported by Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC. Check out the sea of white in the auditorium they were in. Then came the National Library Board's saga over 3 books that they banned that had the whole nation talking.

I guess all these events could have been used as conversation starters and must have also provided much food for thought. Many articles and blog posts have been written both for and against these issues raised. But what's been ignored has probably got to be the closeted gay Christian found among various sanctuaries in this country.

How has this minority of minorities been supported this year? Could there be an FCBC member silently struggling with his or her sexuality but unable to express t…